Men In Speedos


Last year, I wrote about men in spandex.  Well, with the warm temperatures, people are showing more skin.  You gents are no exception.  I’ve seen a fair bit of y’all.

DSC_0201_2 DSC_0202_2

You’ve seen men in spandex.   With the approach of summer, I bring you another cultural difference, men in Speedos.  This swimwear is rather foreign to us.  Unless you are a competitive swimmer, you just don’t see this in the US, where most guys wear boardshorts or some other type of swimsuit short.


Michael PhelpsRyan LochteCullen Jones, and Jason Lezak all wear them, but then again they are also wearing goggles and swim caps.  Sometimes, they don’t even wear them, opting instead for those fancy new super fast getups.  I think they are called the Speedo Endurance Jammer.


Anyway, in the US, non-competition swimmers just generally don’t wear Speedos.  You don’t see them at the beach.  Department stores don’t usually even stock them.  As you can see from the above photo, in France you have many options.



The only thing to say is “wow,” this style is definitely another cultural difference.



3 thoughts on “Men In Speedos

  1. Actually, there’s some clarifications I’d like to provide. First of all all Europe has different habits, in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, it’s well known men like to wear speedos and preferably colored (electric blue, with lines of all colors. A bit like a Pollock), but eldery people for most, the boardshort seduced the young. For people from south like Italy, Greece, Spain, like to wear the only black speedo but in this case it can be used by every men (>30). If you’re tanned, it fits better than when you’re as white as milk.

    I don’t know how it works in US, but here in Belgium, and I think it’s an European rule, you can’t wear boardshorts in a public swimming pool for reasons of hygiene. Maybe this explain the trend…
    I choose de timeless black-black boardshort.

  2. I only wear speedos, beach, pool, park, hiking… I dont care what you or anyone else thinks of my swimsuit.

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