Another Cultural Difference…Men In Spandex

We’ve reported on the fashion in Europe and in Geneva, but never on workout wear.  Spring is here and people have taken off a couple of layers so you can actually see their workout attire.

Runners here wear a lot of spandex.  More specifically, male runners here wear a lot of spandex.  I’m not saying that we don’t wear spandex.  I’m guilty of it on occasion.  We both wear bike shorts when cycling.  However, most male runners in the US don’t wear spandex.  If they do, they usually wear shorts over them.  It is definitely something we aren’t used to seeing.

We’ve had great weather and I’ve been running along the lake.  On one run, I counted 29 guys running in spandex shorts (I had to entertain myself somehow).        If you come to run in Geneva and forget to pack your spandex, don’t worry.  You can buy them everywhere.

We spotted these puppies at the auto show. You can get them everywhere.


10 thoughts on “Another Cultural Difference…Men In Spandex

  1. I am all for dudes in spandex. Here in the UK it is pretty common, apart from ‘testosterone corner’ at the gym. Only vests and sweatpants allowed there!

  2. It makes sense though, right? Being active means one is sweating and spandex wicks away sweat… plus, the added benefits of flexibility is a strong appeal… go spandex!

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  6. whats a big deal. Guys should wear watever they want to. I guess Americans are hypersensitive about who should wear what and were? Go to european beaches you an see women topless or sometimes naked babies. who cares…

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