Sorry for the Inactivity

Moving has kept me busy.  He has been working both jobs and travelling a lot.  Since the dogs (for the time they are still with us) don’t have opposable thumbs, no one in this house has been up for blogging.
To update everyone…
We went to Switzerland separately, but our visits overlapped for a 2 days.  We made the most of it and got busy falling in love with our new hometown.  Before he arrived, I toured about 18 apartments.  I only saw one that I thought we would love.  Since the real estate market is so tight, this was not good.  The gods must be smiling on us because last Friday we found out that we got it.
Our new abode is in the heart of Genève (merci beaucoup to my French teacher for teaching me how to do accents on my computer) in a neighborhood called Eaux-Vives.  It has two bedrooms (visitors anyone?) and we will have it as of July 1!  He has only seen pictures of it, but we are thrilled and envisioning making our home there.
Eaux-Vives is a great neighborhood.  It is safe, older and centrally located.  People walk its streets, enjoy its cafés/ restaurants/shops, and take advantage of the lake/parks located nearby.  He will just have to walk a block and hop on a tram to go to work.

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