The Worst Part of the Move – Taking the Dogs to Their New Homes

We just returned from seeing family in Michigan.  It was great to see so many loved ones.  We saw both of our fathers, four siblings and their families.  We also got to see YaYa and her son (not her real name, but she is a real Greek YaYa and our adopted family).  It made us really happy to be able to spend some quality time with people we love.  It was a little sad as well.  Our visit was tinged with the knowledge that we won’t get to see them again until we come for a visit in December.  Our nieces and nephews will have grown and we will have missed a lot of the everyday things in their lives.

Another reason for the trip was to take Jud to his new home.  This meant separating Jud and Iz.  I took her to the neighbors so that she wouldn’t see him leave.  He jumped our fence trying to go with his sister.  It was heartbreaking.

We took him to his new home in Michigan.  He will live on a farm and he seemed to like it there.  He met chickens for the first time.  I’m not going to lie.  I was a bit worried about how he would do with them and whether he would want to eat them (he is not a fan of Mr. Squirrel). He was really excited (charged the fencing to investigate) and then got over his excitement (thank goodness).  When he tried to follow us out the door of our new home, both of us got misty.  Well, he got misty.  I cried like a baby.

The silver lining is that we have found them the best possible homes with good mommies and daddies.  Jud’s new family reports that he is doing okay and seems to be up to his old tricks (gazing admiringly at you while you sleep, following people around the house, getting very excited for a bite of cheese, etc).

Iz is smart, observant and seems to understand too much of what is happening.  I wanted to take her to her new home as soon as possible to end her uneasiness.  Tomorrow, I will leave to take her there.  It a great home and I am sure she will be happy there.

We returned an hour ago and have already recommenced with moving preparations.  I have been making telephone calls and am off to run some errands.  He is studying French.


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