Not Just A Ghost In The Machine – European Vending Machines

This post comes with a warning for Americans (and any other country that doesn’t display items many Americans would feel are more mature or private in public spaces).  Warning – While I took these pictures in the middle of a train station in Switzerland, but in the US (and probably other places) people consider these items to be more of an adult or private nature.


We’ve noticed that vending machines in Europe contain some things that are um, well, a bit different than what you would see in American vending machines (or at least the ones not found in truck stops).  Take a look below and see for yourself.

Yes, that is C-ICE, “Swiss Cannabis Ice Tea,” located above.  It is made from black tea hemp bloom syrup (5%), and hemp bloom extract (0.0015%) that will allegedly give you a “fantastic natural feeling.”  It allegedly has low levels of THC, but appears to be marketed more as a health drink.  We didn’t try it, but the Top Gear guys did when they visited Romania.

Please note that the pack of lighters (above) is located adjacent to a kid’s candy bar. Also for kids is Buffalo Jr., a children’s energy drink.  It doesn’t contain either Taurine or caffeine and is marketed as providing “an additional supply of energy producing L-Carnitine needed for an active life.”

4 thoughts on “Not Just A Ghost In The Machine – European Vending Machines

  1. It cracked me up when i found the C-ICE in a Coop in the city in Geneva. (It was right next to the Root Beer. In some shops the root beer will be in the alcohol department also but not in this coop.)
    I tried it. It didn’t give me any particular “natural feeling” or anything, it tastes just like any “herb tea”. I’m not a big fan of herb teas in general so I didn’t renew the experience, but it was fun trying.

    The pregnancy test, that, I have never seen in a vending machine. 😉

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