Mad Channels

We have Swiss Cable through Swisscom.  It was part of our wireless package and wasn’t much more expensive than basic wireless. I wanted to be able to watch the French channels to practice my French, so we got it.  I am astounded by the number and variety of channels we have. We get over 160 TV Channels, over 130 national and international radio stations and thousands of internet radio stations.

When he leaves for work in the morning, I turn on French TV and watch the news in French. To practice, I try to have French TV on whenever he’s not here. I hope it helps because one afternoon, I watched a bad French soap opera.

If you have favorite French (or British) shows, please let me know. While I am asking, if you know of great international radio or internet radio stations please let me know those as well.

Here are some of our favorite viewings thus far:

  • Coming to America
  • A British show where they check in on people restoring an old property and do detective work to learn about the house’s history
  • Autrefois (a show that shows Geneva through the history with interviews, photos and old film clips)
  • The French history channel’s 2 hour show about historical figures
  • Carson from the Queer Eye‘s new show dubbed in French, please don’t judge. It’s definitely cheerier than the constant news of the dollar dropping.
  • The French like to combine their love of food with their love of love. This yields some bizarre dating shows.
  • Horrible Histories. Yes, I know it’s a kids show, but it’s just so funny.