Got Wood? The Swiss Stack A Strong Woodpile

Whenever we hike in Switzerland, we see woodpiles…everywhere.  In typical Swiss fashion, they are neatly stacked and very organized.

The OCD part of me loves that this family had their stacks numbered by year.  You can see their dividers in the photo below.  Strong.

I think that daily life in Switzerland can keep you pretty active and people seem healthier than other places I’ve lived.  Perhaps chopping all of this wood is part of their fitness plan?

This time of year is the perfect time to cozy up in front of a fire, so go ahead and knock on wood.


Les Incompetents Vol.3 – I Used To Be Able To Get Gas

I noticed that the gas was empty in the rental car.  I don’t think the light had been on for a long time, but wasn’t really sure.  I had to navigate the narrow one-way streets of an old town to find a gas station.  When I pulled in and saw the pump, I panicked.
I realized that I didn’t know what kind of gas the car took (he got it without me) and couldn’t call him (no phone yet here). I pulled out the Owner’s Manual and uh-oh, it was in German.  My super nice passenger found the French one. It listed the possible types of gas this car could take, but not what this specific car required. I couldn’t find anything that said whether or not it was diesel. My super nice passenger also suggested we flip open the gas cap and see what it said.  She is brillant.  It said “Unleaded Gas Only.”

I reflexively pulled out my credit card to pay at the pump.  There wasn’t anywhere to put it.  What the heck?  Do I pump first?  Do I have to pay first and get in trouble for pumping first?  Overwhelmed, I went to my “go-to” move. When in doubt, I go to someone who works there, explain that I am an idiot in my best French, say that I am new here and ask how it works.  They laughed at me in the nicest possible way and explained that you can pump first.  To allay my fears, I confirmed the type of gas with them too.

I went for it and…success! When I went in to pay, they made sure I know the correct way to exit the station. Thank goodness they advised me because I would have totally screwed that up.

Oh, one last piece of gas station procedure, don’t try to pay with a bill of over 1000CHF ($1,261)!


Guess Which Side is Mine?

We are really lucky to have this opportunity and have never minded camping.  We’ve been camping in our house for the past month or so.  We are on an Aerobed.  It is beginning to look a bit worse for the wear.  I know that these aren’t great pictures, but you get the idea.
We have the world’s most comfortable mattress that is somewhere on the Atlantic en route to our new home. Can’t wait!