This Is The Big News Over Here?

I’m not sure how much coverage this is getting in the States, but Carla Bruni Sarkozy‘s pregnancy has gotten nonstop coverage here.  She was photographed incessantly every time she left the house while pregnant.  Befitting the first lady of France, she was, of course, very stylishly attired throughout.  Nevertheless, she did not really wear heals during her pregnancy.*

Revue de presse people du 17 octobreWednesday, she had the baby and the First Baby of France (the first baby born to a serving president) is huge news here.  Unfortunately, Sarkozy was not able to be present during the birth because he was in meetings over the tanking Euro.  He did, however, make it to her bedside for about 30 minutes.  Mother and baby are reported to be doing well.  They named the baby girl Giulia. 

Here’s a quote from the magazine I read last weekend (and I know you can’t believe everything you read).   It (roughly) translates to: “frankly, I can’t stand it any more.  I have to stay sitting down or lying down most of the time.  I can’t drink or smoke any more.  I’m in a hurry to get it over with.”   She was almost two weeks overdue when she had the baby.   

France is in the middle of elections that were predicted to be difficult for Sarkozy.  Cynical French say that the baby was planned to coincide with the election in an attempt to experience a “baby bump” at the polls.  It’s not unprecedented.

Sorry for the poor pic, but you can still (barely) see how it’s done

*As she is taller than her husband, she never wears any real heels anyway.  You will notice too that she always walks a bit behind him so that his short stature is not as apparent in photographs.  Perhaps he should try that trick, I could look tall too?