Singapore in Switzerland

Once upon a time, an immigrant Chinese family living in Singapore complained about the smell of their Indian neighbor’s curry.  One Singaporean’s response was essentially “we live in close quarters let’s try to understand each other’s cultures.”  A curry night was organized on Facebook and went viral.  It got over 50,000 attendees.

In Switzerland, we have had the good fortune to make friends with Lady J and her husband.  They’re from Singapore and invited us to curry with them.   

It would have been a great time regardless because they are so nice, but was fantastic because she can cook.  We had Gado-Gado, Chicken Satay with Ketypat, Curry Chicken (red, my favorite), Prata and Kaya Puffs.  Yet another cuisine to salivate over…

She cooks, she bakes, is there anything she can’t do?  Check out the Kaya Puffs below!  Soooo tasty.



Everyone else takes the month of August off here. I have caught vacation fever.  I am going to Belgium for a week while he is travelling for work.  I have posts scheduled to auto post and will have tons of great pictures when I get back.  Quel Horreur!  Enjoy some of the “we’re closed for the month” signs.