The Clean Streets of Geneva

Note the broom

The city of Geneva is clean.  Heck, Switzerland is clean.  They work hard to keep it that way. Every morning, I see people cleaning the streets.  I am not sure how often they do it, but know they are at it all the time.  They clean the streets more frequently that I clean our apartment.

It’s funny.  When things are so clean, you get used to it.  Now, when we see a piece of trash, we immediately notice it.  We have found ourselves thinking “someone had better pick that up right away.”
I saw someone cleaning a light post by hand! I was running late and didn’t have time to whip out my camera.  I shouldn’t have worried.  A few days later, I walked down the same street and although it’s not Ansel Adams (or even Diane Arbus) I managed to catch it (without being too obvious).  Success!  
Oh, and by the way, the parking structures are clean too.  I saw this article and now I know how they are immaculate.  People are assessed a couple of hundred dollars for leaving marks on the nicely painted floor of the garage!
Parking Fee of 160 Francs For Leaving Treadmarks
The cost.  160 Francs.  Read it and weep.

First Impressions of Geneva

Here are our first impressions of Geneva and the first few things we saw:

  • The streets are very clean (especially after a visit to NYC).  Everything is clean, even the gym floors.  When we went to check out a gym, we had to slip hospital booties on over our shoes to keep us from getting them dirty (this happened multiple times).
  • We saw Lamborghinis, Porches, a Maserati, Range Rovers and just about every make and model of German Luxury cars.  Auto enthusiasts can just park themselves on the sidewalk near the Four Seasons and gawk.
  • We heard lots of English spoken in the streets and at restaurants.  We heard French and a lot of other languages too.