No Horsing Around, The Horse Meat Scandal


Have you ever eaten something and then regretted it?  Since moving here, I’ve occasionally eaten horse.  I buy it for American visitors to taste.  If you’ve watched the news lately, you can understand why I might be regretting it.  If you haven’t seen news stories about Europe’s horse meat scandal, here’s a recap.  Horse meat has been discovered in European beef products sold in supermarkets in countries including Britain, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Ireland.  Here, eating horse (particularly in countries like France and Switzerland) is commonplace; it’s estimated that each person in Switzerland eats between 600 and 700 grams of horse meat each year.

From The Swiss Watch Blog

There are two types of horses, ones that are given the powerful and dangerous veterinary drug called phenylbutazone (also known as Bute and banned for human use because to cases severe side effects) and those without who are issued health certificates certifying they can enter the food chain.   Can you guess what happened?


Spanghero, a French company, labeled the horse meat it received from a Romanian slaughterhouse as beef.  According to officials, Spanghero should have identified the meat as horse from its Romanian customs code, as well as its appearance, smell and price. The company said it acted in good faith, never ordered horse meat, and never knowingly sold horse meat.  Parisian prosecutors are now investigating it as fraud.

From Business Inquirer

The geographic scope of the scandal expanded this week.  While the quality of food and the food chain in Switzerland is quite high, Swiss company Nestle (the world’s largest food company) is now embroiled in the scandal.   It suspended deliveries of all products supplied by German subcontractor H.J. Schypke alleging they sold the contaminated meat to one of Nestle’s suppliers.  German discount retailer Lidl pulled products from Finnish, Danish and Swedish stores after finding horse meat in products labeled as beef.  German ministers met in Berlin earlier this week to discuss the scandal.

Horse meat scandal dominating the front pages

Horse meat scandal dominating the front pages (Photo credit: Gene Hunt)

But, wait, it gets worse…. The Swiss program, Kassensturz, showed emaciated horses being beaten, neglected and transported in cramped conditions without food or water before being slaughtered.  Apparently it was pretty disturbing.  In response,  several grocery stores, including Coop, Denner, Aldi, Spar and Migros, pulled most horse meat products off their shelves.  Coop and Migros continue to sell some from suppliers (mostly in Canada or France) in whom they have confidence.  It’s almost enough to make me a vegetarian again.  It’s definitely enough to reduce my meat consumption and be choosier about where I purchase it.


6 thoughts on “No Horsing Around, The Horse Meat Scandal

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  2. I find it hard to believe all these suppliers acted in good faith. When has any major company ever truly acted in good faith when they had an opportunity to rip off consumers and make an extra profit? Almost never.

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  4. As an American, I can tell you that if that horse meat turns out to be from American horses it was almost certainly contaminated with bute and other banned substances as well. We don’t eat horses at all and our horses are not bred, raised, regulated or medicated to meet food safety regulations. 70% of our equine veterinary medications contain banned substances as well as a great many over-the-counter products as well. These are plainly marked NOT FOR USE IN HORSES INTENDED FOR FOOD PURPOSES. I don’t know how much more plainly it can be stated.

    Furthermore, we have NO traceability system for horses at all. Nothing. We couldn’t even keep up with withdrawal times for substances that have them. Those kinds of records are simply not kept here. The vast majority of American horse owners would never even consider sending their horses to slaughter so we don’t even think about whether a substance is banned or not.

    80% of Americans are against the slaughter of our horses, but we can’t get anti-horse slaughter legislation passed because of the influence – and money – of Big Agriculture. It’s disgusting and criminal.

    I can testify from personal experience that everything in those horrible videos is absolutely true. I was in Texas when there were two horse slaughter plants there, and I saw for myself.

    Please demand a ban on horse meat from North America. Not only is the entire process hideously cruel, our horses are virtually all contaminated with banned substances some of which are quite dangerous for humans to consume, especially children.

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