Sprungli, A Zurich Must


When traveling, it is great to find a wonderful local place to eat.  Sprungli is just such a place.  A Zurich institution, it opened in its current form in 1939, but before the restaurant/café opened a chocolatier was there.  The Sprungli family started that in 1859.  It’s still family owned although the chocolate making is a separate business (Lindt & Sprüngli).


Traditionally a favorite of Zurich’s upper crust ladies who lunch (not usually a recommendation that gets me to my kind of place) these ladies know what they are talking about and it’s now a favorite of this girl.  Him too.  The café serves the best hot chocolate and deserts in town, but they have more substantial fare as well.  Plus, when the dining room has cute details like the copper baking tins on the walls, how can you not?



Sprungli is famous for their specialty products Luxemburgerli macaroons and Grand Crus (chocolate truffles from wild cocoa beans).  They are made by hand with fresh ingredients.  Drooling yet?


They have several other satellite shops in other towns and at airports (including Geneva’s).  While nothing beats that original location, they are a great place to get a quick Sprungli fix or pickup a stellar present.



3 thoughts on “Sprungli, A Zurich Must

  1. Came back from Zurich last month and had a chance to visit this location (from a photo is looks like the author talked about Parade Platz store). I didn’t read up on the store so I thought it was just a high-end chocolate/truffle/praline place so was very surprised to see a lot more “regular” food.

    Picked up a few metal boxes as gifts (40 CHF/ea.) and then picked up some smaller gift items at their Zurich Airport stand (have a cool package that has pralines inside and a Swiss key holder outside).

    Lastly, you can order pretty much everything they sell (unless it’s sold-out) from their website – http://www.spruengli.ch/luxemburgerli-en.html and, in addition to cheap shipping within Switzerland, they do ship the US via FedEx Overnight. In case anyone’s wondering, I priced out a box of Luxemburgerli (45 CHF) and shipping ended up being 59.15 CHF to Houston, TX. So it’s not very economical to buy just one item but, for example, an order I placed earlier today contained 3 items for a combined cost of 203 CHF and everything else (FedEx, packaging, “duty-free addition”, and insurance) ended up being 130.14 CHF. Not cheap by any stretch of imagination but cheaper than a ticket to Zurich 🙂

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