Got Wood? The Swiss Stack A Strong Woodpile

Whenever we hike in Switzerland, we see woodpiles…everywhere.  In typical Swiss fashion, they are neatly stacked and very organized.

The OCD part of me loves that this family had their stacks numbered by year.  You can see their dividers in the photo below.  Strong.

I think that daily life in Switzerland can keep you pretty active and people seem healthier than other places I’ve lived.  Perhaps chopping all of this wood is part of their fitness plan?

This time of year is the perfect time to cozy up in front of a fire, so go ahead and knock on wood.


2 thoughts on “Got Wood? The Swiss Stack A Strong Woodpile

  1. haha, I was just thinking this morning how much fitter I’ll (hopefully!) be by the end of the winter – chopping wood, stacking wood, moving wood, spending two hours every day clearing the driveway of snow… Life in the Alps certainly gets the muscles working! I do like your photos – I wish we were as organised with our wood pile!

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