Stopping At Lavaux

I like to stop along the way.  If I can get off a train and nose around a town for a couple of hours or pull off the highway to see something cool, I’ll do it in a heartbeat.  When we had Mr. Rome and Ms. Barcelona visiting, they hiked from Chateau de Chillion (near Montreaux) to Vinorama in Rivaz.  I picked them up there.  Although the lakeside is beautiful, I love the views from  Lavaux‘s terraced vineyards.  It was a gorgeous day and I couldn’t let them miss the view of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) and the Alps.

15 thoughts on “Stopping At Lavaux

  1. Last time I visited Switzerland for work, I made time for an afternoon hike among the Lavaux vineyards, and LOVED IT! These photos are fabulous–my phots were less amazing since it kept raining during my walk…. Thanks for posting these!

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