As Addicts, We Loved Fika, The Swedish Tradition Of Coffee Time

I am an addict.  Recognizing your addiction is the first step, but I don’t want to quit.  I love my coffee and am not about to give it up.  Sweden might feel the same way.

Coffee shops are everywhere in Stockholm and the quality is quite good.  It frought with danger for the calorie conscious.  The Swedish tradition of fika  (coffee time) is untranslatable, it seems to mean to meet up for seems to involve a coffee, conversation and a tasty treat.   We saw dessert tables piled with tasty treats everywhere.  From pastries to sweetbreads to cinnamon rolls to cakes and pies, they have it all.  Apparently, it is bad form to offer less than three different types of pastries to your guests.

Rather than just getting my caffeine fix, I took advantage of our time in Stockholm to treat myself to some fancy coffees.  Regular coffee is available, but I had cappuchinos, lattes, expressos and other fancy coffees.   We also partook of the baked goods.  I know, I live on the edge.

7 thoughts on “As Addicts, We Loved Fika, The Swedish Tradition Of Coffee Time

  1. Looks like you had a “chokladboll”. Very good choice, it is also one of my favorites. If you go another time to Sweden between Christmas and Easter you must make sure to taste the seasonal cake “semla”. It is a cardamom bun with marzipan and cream filling. I made a few Americans eat it last week and they all liked it very much. I currently live in Phoenix (but am Swedish) and am missing all the cafés in Stockholm. It is not the same.

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