What Trendy Ladies Are Wearing Over Here

While I was home, a friend asked me about fashion trends in Europe.  I didn’t have a good answer at the time.  I’ve looked at what ladies are wearing on the Geneva’s streets, thought a bit about it and here’s my best guess:  

Daisy Dukes (or at least shorter jean shorts) over tights. Since I was around when the Dukes of Hazzard originally aired, I will not be wearing them.  We saw a lot of this look in London.

From Accessorizeblog

From Two Firey Fashionistas
From Two Firey Fashionistas

Colored and/or patterned tights
The Maltese Muse Blog

From Fashion Cookie Jar

Also knee high boots worn with visible woolen socks

From Live Originally
From Runway Daily
From Awkwardly Chic
From Airwar

Sometimes, I’ll find myself gazing wistfully at someones cute heels, but you definitely don’t see as much of them.  They are lunch for cobblestones and people tend to walk more here.  In winter, you see cute, comfy boots everywhere.  I think the prevailing style varies from city to city.

From YouLookFab

I loved wearing wellies when I worked in my garden. When I came to visit, it rained so much that I brought a pair. I see a lot of other people wearing them on rainy days.  He hates them, but he can kiss my wellie. My feet are staying dry.  Due to their warmth, you also see a fair number of moon boots.

From Fashionassist
Lady J in her moon boots – She writes from Switzerland at Lady J’s Musings

He’s a much larger fan of the leggings trend.  

From That Petite Girl
From Fashionassist

The skinny jean…still popular.

From Mama’s A Rolling Stone

Just about everyone here wears scarves.  Gents too (The Swiss Watch Blog’s post on man scarves).

From YouLookFab

In addition to the “it” bags, I see a lot of Louis Vitton and Longchamps.

From YouLookFab
These fold up bags are everywhere – From Madmoizelle

One visitor remarked that you don’t see women wearing huge wedding rings as much as you do in the US.  They tend to be smaller and a bit more discreet than Kim Kardashian’s boulder.  Come to think of it, most things are a bit more discreet than Kim Kardashian here.

At least in Geneva, the fashion seems to be lots of black and neutrals.

From YouLookFab

Leather bombers or motorcycle jackets (when its warmer), fur vests and shiny puffy coats are common.  

From Embracing Style
From Golestaneh

He wonders why she’s wearing sandals if she’s cold? – From Silly Messy Chic

Fortunately, I haven’t seen the leggings – From Flights of Fab

I don’t know much of anything about fashion (except for maybe a few tricks to make myself look taller).  To see what one expat has been wearing, check out Lady J in Geneva.

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