International Harassment of Steelers Fans

I think guys bond with and relate to each other a bit differently than us ladies. We missed yet another football game (Broncos-Steelers) due to the time change.  Since Denver won, it was probably just as well.  I would have had to listen to a couple of hours of him yelling at the TV if we’d seen it.

Just like clockwork, the next day, emails were flying to and from his Pittsburgh friends.  Even though he missed the game, he can still bond by ranting about it and harassing his Steeler-fan friends (with his buddy Steamer) over email.   Here are some of the taunts launched at Steelers fans:

  • Thanks a lot.  Not only do we have to listen to another week of “Tebow Time”, but the Steelers have allowed a playoff win for Tebow which may immortalize him for all I know.  Seriously, the guy can hardly pass the whole year, and he goes over 300 on the Steelers?

At least being over here, we don’t have to listen to incessant coverage of Tim Tebow all next week. What else would ESPN cover? Unfortunately, we will also miss the Saturday Night Life Skits.  Tonight’s viewing, last night’s National Championship game.

James HarrisNFL’s most frightening man