Rain, Rain, Go Away And Take Geneva’s Cloudy Skies With You

We love it here.  It’s a wonderful place to live.   For good or bad, Switzerland is full of microclimates.  We had heard that the fall and winter here is very cloudy.  Geneva‘s winter grayness has arrived.
That’s not the lake, it is the cloud’s covering it and everything else at a lower altitude.

Twice over the past couple of days, we left cloudy Geneva to show our guests some cool things that were only an hour away.  Each time, the clouds miraculously ended a few miles outside the city and we enjoyed bright, sunny days!

The Sweetest Girl in the World described it as a dividing line.  The clouds didn’t peter out, just abruptly stopped.  One time, we entered a tunnel on the sunny side and exited into clouds and fog.
A sunny day not far over the border in Annecy

Now, we understand why people who live in Geneva are such skiing enthusiasts.  They want to get out of the city and onto a mountain where they can bask in the sun.


2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away And Take Geneva’s Cloudy Skies With You

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