We’ll Be Headed Back To Sion

You don’t hear a lot about Scion (or the nearby towns Sierre and Saglesh) in tourist guidebooks so it hadn’t been a priority for us.  He saw these castles from the highway and was intrigued.  

We stopped our our way home from the Matterhorn (because he saw these castles from the highway) and were pleasantly surprised.

The castles were pretty cool and had amazing views.  I know, I know, this is Switzerland and that is pretty much baseline here.  

The streets of the Sion were really what sold us.  We really enjoyed our stroll through them.  It is obviously a town that has existed for thousands of years.  If you keep your eyes peeled, you are able to notice small, intriguing bits of history throughout.

We wished that we’d had more time to spend there (we didn’t get to see a single museum there) and will definitely be headed back.  This area is Switzerland’s sunniest and gets the least rainfall.  When it is gray in Geneva, we plan on escaping to soak up its sun, enjoy its wines and explore the sights. 


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