Fall Fashion Trends

We had a request from the man with four first names to put more of him in the blog. In response, I have decided to start having him model European fall fashion trends here.  Enjoy!

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David Beckham in a Slouchy Beanie from Now Magazine

Doesn’t he look just like Brad Pitt or David Beckham in his slouchy beanie?  

The man scarf is a particularly popular trend here.  Being a practical person, I am on board with it if it is for warmth. I am generally opposed to it when worn with a short sleved shirt.  That goes 2x for him.  Although, this guy seems warm enough… Please feel free to weigh in on this, or any other cutting edge issue.

I’m not sure that this trend is going to catch on.  If it does, you saw it here first.



Les Incompetents Vol. 6 – Not Properly Pumpulated

Remember Hanz and Franz?  They knew their way around a gym.  I, clearly, do not.  We joined a gym.  On my first visit, I accidentally went into the men’s locker room.  It wouldn’t have been too bad if I could have escaped unobserved.  I didn’t.  People (yes, there was more than one person) who work there saw me and came running after me to stop me.  That didn’t attract any attention (note the sarcasm here).  Oops.