Lost in Translation – The Best Beard in the Alps

I have been taking pictures of things I think you might find especially noteworthy in the papers. I am starting another series of semi-regular posts called “Lost in Translation.” When you look below, it is pretty self-explainatory. Enjoy.

From the paper 20 Minutes

English Translation:

Looking for the perfect beard

Long and
 thickharmonious and natural: this is the perfect beard, according to the criteria of the International Championship of Beard Wearers of the Alps. Yesterday, the 26th champoinship saw Albert Schmidt (center) of Zurich rank second between two Germans.

Gentlemen(and perhaps ladies), jealous?

Geneva Expat 101, Lesson Two – Pack A Swiss Army Knife

If only I could have packed the puppies…

I did a pretty good job packing. So far, we have had almost everything we need and it all fits in our apartment.  I have made a couple of mistakes.

I forgot to pack a can opener. When I needed one to open a can of peas fo my Indian food the other night, I realized my mistake. Luckily, we had a Swiss Army Knife. I used it to open the can and felt very Swiss.
Paramount’s Crocodile Dundee: “That’s not a knife…”
user posted image
That’s a knife! Who doesn’t love MacGygver?

Another packing mistake, I didn’t count on the oven being so small.  My baking sheets don’t really fit; they are too wide.  Oops.

Not the best photo, but trust me on this one.