Les Incompetents Vol. 5 – Ordering Drinks at the Fête de Carouge

We went to the Fête de Carouge, a 10-day party to celebrate the neighboring town of Carouge’s 250th birthday. Carouge is great any day, but the Fête was very impressive. There were a lot of people out to celebrate. While we were in line, I chatted with the nice Peruvians in line next to us. He got up to order and asked me what I wanted.  I said “red”, without thinking. I meant a glass of it. They gave me a bottle. Oops. I should have been paying attention rather than letting him order unsupervised. Luckily, people arrived to help me drink it.*
Cool huh? Definitely better than your average barrier
They had cute platers filled with veggies and herbs all over the place for decoration.
All of the trees were decorated with cool lanterns.
They built a palace out of plywood
Everyone came out to enjoy the fun. They had three stages with entertainment.
Since the town has Italian roots, the plywood palace was filled with Italian food and craft vendors
The food smelled amazing and you could watch them cook it
When was the last time you saw stone carving?
* Yes.  You can just walk around with bottles like that.  People would look at you funny if it wasn’t a special event though.

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