Les Frites – Perhaps The Yummiest Post Thusfar

“You lika da sauce? Yeah, you lika da sauce. It’s good, the sauce, yes?”
Les Frites are not just your average French Fries.  They are a bit thicker than typical French Fries and fried not once, but twice! If you are ever lucky enough to visit Belgium, DO NOT MISS THIS.
You may even need to reserve several meals to sample the different ways they are served.  Yes, you read that correctly, the different ways French Fries are served. Here are the two best:

1. Served in sheets of paper rolled into a cone (very handy to absorb any excess cooking oil) or in a tray. You will have a choice of somewhere between ten and twenty sauces to dip them in. Delicious.

2. Put it into a baguette sandwich with meat and possibly some veggies. This is called a mitraillette (literally submachine gun in French).  Also Delicious.*
Belgium is the size of Maryland, but they have more than 5,000 friteries (stands where they sell this yumminess). Obviously, Belgians eat a lot of fries, even more than us Americans. With all of these friteries to choose from, how do you decide?
I asked the awesome Belgian who purchased the above delights. He explained that there was a Friterie in his town that was better than the others, but sometimes he went to the second best. Why?
The man who worked in the former would only do one person’s order at a time (I think to make sure they were the absolute freshest possible). If you drove by and there were more than two people in line, you knew that it would be too long (standing there smelling the fries cooking  and watching other people get their orders) before you got your fries and you go to another. To find the best Friteries, just ask a local.
I wish I were a better writer so that I could tell you in detail just how good they were. Seriously, seriously good.
*Also comes in pita form.
My camera skills did not do this justice. Sorry.